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Posted on: August 24, 2009 12:32 pm

"Paps Being Paps"

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Look, this isn't easy. 
Paps, you're right in your criticism of Billy Wagner
What does he have left? I don't know. 
Has he pitched this year? (Answer: Just barely. I can't get too fired up about 14 pitches). 
Is the Sox bully pretty good right now? Yeah. While not lights out, it clearly hasn't been the weak link of this '09 Boston Nine. 
Brad Penny. John Smoltz. Big Papi. Inconsistent offense. 'Tek's defense. Dice-K's injury. Egads, even Beckett is a bigger issue now than the bullpen. 
But, you just don't need to be putting a potential new teammate on blast, Paps. 
Wagner has already shot back. Why wouldn't he? He's a decade older, been hardened by his years in Philly and New York, is battling back from Tommy John and his new closer is already questioning what he's got left? 
Plus, Billy is, well, just like Paps. Pops off when he wants, political correctness be damned. 
But Paps, you just gotta shut yer' yap and let it play out. 
If he becomes your teammate you look stupid and have already created friction. If he doesn't, no biggie. Ya move on and keep doing your job. 
Paps is right in questioning why Wagner fits this team. You just can't do it publicly. Ah, the Joy of the '09 Sox.  
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